The Beginning {Pt. 2}


Sometime in November 2015, Austin’s slp mentioned the Early Steps program. She said he would benefit from more therapy at no charge to us, and it would make the process of getting him qualified for free preschool at age 3 much easier.

So we took him for an Early Steps eval in mid December. His scores were all below normal, though motor skills and problem solving were considered only mildly delayed. In Speech/communication he received the lowest possible score. And his score in social skills was also low, and considered a significant delay. They gave me the MCHAT to fill out, and based on the results and high liklihood of autism, they referred us to a neurologist.

The pediatrician, therapists, and everyone else pretty much agreed that there was nothing to be gained by seeing a neurologist and I agreed. As much as I just wanted an official answer, I was not fond of the idea of putting him under for an MRI that wouldn’t tell us anything. So we decided not to go that route.

A friend of mine had mentioned another doctor who took more of a holistic, biomedical approach to treating autism and other development delays. She saw huge results with her son. This doctor was so booked that when I called in January, the next available appointment wasn’t until the end of March. We were put on a waiting list for an earlier appointment if one became available.

Well, one opened up on a day my husband just happened to be off. That appointment was yesterday, and that was the day Austin was diagnosed with autism.

I know the biomedical treatments are controversial and many claim they do nothing. My thought is, why not try? Why not do everything we can to help heal Austin?

There will be no side effects or anything from testing for allergies and him taking supplements, so why not? If nothing else we will be able to help him get relief from his eczema, know his allergies, and know in the future that we did everything we could to help our little guy.

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