You are Seven

Sweet Austin,

I can see the evidence that you are growing up. The chubby face and legs are stretching out and becoming leaner, longer. When I pick you up your legs hang down way too far and it’s beginning to look silly. The toddler and preschool years slipped by so quickly, and now you’re seven.

The years have brought many changes. So many good changes. You are so verbal now it’s hard to remember the little boy with no words. You have no trouble asking for the things you need, and in recent months, you’ve begun expanding on that. Sometimes you just want to show me something “Look, see?”.

You are beginning to answer questions. We still have a lot of work on that one, but you will get there, I have no doubt.

You are my most independent child which is wonderful and also terrifying 🙂 You are learning to dress yourself and brush your own teeth. You will climb anything to get what you need.

You are tracing letters and you’re obsessed with numbers and counting.

Your biggest fixation right now is elevators, and this obsession has been actually fun for all of us. I love our Saturday mornings at the mall. I love holding your hand as we walk, and I love kissing your cheeks as I hold you in the elevator.

I love that after years of no playing whatsoever, you are not only playing more with your cars, but you are PRETENDING as well. You play elevator on your bed, in the bathroom, on your sisters bunk beds. You make the noises and pretend to push buttons, and it makes this momma’s heart sing.

You learned to swim this year. One of my biggest fears has always been your love of water. Now you are jumping in, diving to the bottom, floating on your back. It was the best thing that came out of a very difficult quarantine.

You love your group on Wednesday nights at church. You are learning to repeat the verses, and seeing you run and participate in the game circle makes my eyes water.

You are still in love with your sisters, and they still spoil you rotten. They drop whatever they’re doing when you want them to play elevator, or bounce on the trampoline, or swing.

You and Daddy still spend many afternoons swinging in the back yard.

When we go for our evening walk, you loudly say “hi” to each person we pass, and everyone loves it.

You are thriving sweet boy, after some extremely difficult months. There are still plenty of struggles, there always will be. But I will always be here to help you through. I will always cheer you on, I will always be your biggest fan.

I will always love you with all my heart, forever and ever, to infinity and beyond.



2 thoughts on “You are Seven

  1. Hi Sweet Mommy,

    This makes my heart so happy. I know this joy is mixed with lots and lots of frustration, but to hear how far he’s come is so encouraging.
    I had 2 boys with autism in my K4 homeroom last year. They were in their discovery class much of the day, but even zoomed with us every day the last 9 weeks in the spring. I love them so much❣️
    Drew and Kelsey have a beautiful foster daughter who will be 4 this week. She has autism and is non-verbal right now. She loves Moana, play dough time, water puddles, mirrors, drumming time and before bed laying in Drew’s lap while he strokes her hair. They are exhausted most of the time, as she’s really smart and has figured out most of the door locks they’ve tried.😊. We’re so grateful for the wonderful support system at their church.
    They could have her a few more months or forever, we don’t know. Drew and Kelsey are giving her as much love as possible each day they have with her.
    I think about you and your precious family often and keep you in my prayers.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    Sandy Nilius

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  2. It was so nice and unexpected to log in here and see your name, Sandy! Thank you so much for the encouragement, and for sharing your experiences, as well as Drew and Kelsey’s. Those two boys you had were certainly blessed to have you for a teacher! I will keep Drew & Kelsey in my prayers as they love on the little girl in their care.
    Hope you guys are well. Miss you!


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