Our Story

Mike and I met toward the end of 2002, during my sophomore year of college. We were married in May of 2005, four days after Mike graduated from police academy. I graduated that December with a degree in Elementary Education. We had our daughters Emma and Alexa in 2008 and 2010, and then were torn on whether or not to have a third child. Well, we were blessed with baby number three, our first and only son. Austin was born in November of 2013.

I always planned to go back to teaching once my kids were school age, but like many things in life, that didn’t go according to plan. Austin attends a school for autism, and his school hours, as well as his therapy schedule, make it impossible for me to teach right now. I am very thankful to be able to be home and focus on our kids, especially with all the extra that comes with having a child with special needs.

Mike just completed his 15th year with our local sheriff’s office. He still loves his job, and is definitely doing what he was made to do!

We are active in our church that has been so supportive of our special needs journey, and also enjoy spending time with family and friends.