Ups & Downs

When Austin started speech and OT he never responded to his name, and made no eye contact at all. These are the 2 areas where we have seen progress in the last 6 months. He responds to his name much more frequently and has dramatically improved eye contact. He also seems to be more aware of his surroundings now. He will observe others if they’re doing something to catch his attention and notices when people come and go.

New behaviors have emerged over the last 6 months.  Austin will randomly burst out crying or laughing. His phobias have increased from just elevators, to mall stores, parking garages, and tents.

At the time of his speech eval in Sept, Austin would stack blocks to make towers. It was one of very few things he played with appropriately. Over the last several months however, he has begun sniffing, throwing, or squeezing the blocks into his chest. It’s rare that he will even stack them anymore.

He spends a lot more time rocking, and doesn’t just rock in front of the couch anymore. He rotates between the 2 chairs in the family room as well, and sometimes rocks while he’s sitting on the floor in therapy. He stims almost constantly, has more sensory problems, and is more aggressive (mostly to himself).

Austin has started purposely banging his head on walls and tile floors, as well as running full speed into our patio glass doors.

He pulls and pushes us to get what he wants, but still doesn’t point to things.

 One thing that certainly hasn’t changed is Austin’s obsession with water! He still loves dripping water, and I’m scared of the way he is attracted to water like a moth to a light. 

In the next 2 weeks we have blood draws and lab work, and stool and urine samples to collect and send off for analysis. I also have to schedule an ABA therapy evaluation, per the recommendation of Austin’s autism doctor.

I have a lot on my plate, in addition to my house that really needs cleaned, the laundry that is piled up, the dinner that needs cooked, and the homework my girls will be coming home with shortly. I have no time to feel sad today. Just overwhelmed and anxious. I am SO overwhelmed. 





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