Our Support on This Autism Journey

Today has been rough.  Mike and I are both feeling down.
Overwhelmed with our situation. Exhausted from not sleeping.
Drained from the screaming.

Autism has flipped our world upside down and we’re struggling.

Sometimes we just need to be sad and grieve.

Other times it helps to focus on the things that we have and the people in our lives that help us along the way.

Today I’m thinking about a few, outside of our families, who step up and go the extra mile for us.

Two and half years ago, we came into a speech therapist’s office with our then 22 month old son.

I was scared and unsure what lay ahead. I just knew my baby didn’t talk or make eye contact.

He didn’t play with toys. He head banged and rocked. He didn’t acknowledge us except to push and pull us to the things he needed.

I didn’t know how blessed we were that day to be given Meg for our speech evaluation. I didn’t know how valuable her listening ear, her advice, and support would be.

I didn’t know that day that we got an SLP who always goes above and beyond her job description.
Who takes extra time with Austin, and talks with me anytime I have questions or concerns during the week.

Her loving, compassionate, bubbly personality has been not only what Austin has needed the last couple years, but what his mom needed as well.


I’ve realized through social media as well as talking to special needs families in person, that a lot of them are unable to attend  church services.

Our church has been loving and supportive, and the people there have gone above and beyond since Austin’s diagnosis.

We’ve received encouraging notes in the mail, meals to give me a night off of cooking, people who ask how Austin is doing, and who listen when I tell them.

When I talked to Austin’s teacher for his 2 year old Wednesday night class shortly after his diagnosis, she said, “I’m going to research and learn about autism so I can help him the best I can”.
That meant the world to me.

Every single person who has taught him in a class or had him in nursery at church has loved on my boy. They’ve shared silly things he does and made me laugh; they’ve encouraged and supported us.

Our church also went out of its way to have someone come in and do a special needs training class and set up a buddy system for kids who need extra support.

Austin isn’t the only one who benefits from this, and I’m thankful that as we meet other families like ours, I can invite them knowing that a program is in place for their children.

I could go on and on with family and friends who love us and go out of their way to show it.

Not everyone has a support system like we do, and I am so thankful.



6 thoughts on “Our Support on This Autism Journey

  1. With a grandson recently diagnosed, I look forward to following your journey. A mutual friend Jessica Hooper shared your blog with me. I’m thankful that our special little ones have good mommies and daddies to love and support them. I’ll be praying for you and for Austin. Please pray for our Denver too. Hisvoicemyheart.blogspot.com
    God bless you!


    1. I saw a post by Jessica’s mom this morning about your family. You’ve all been on my mind today and I will definitely keep Denver and his family in my prayers!!


  2. I’m so thankful I came across your blog. Your post about when you realized something was wrong brought back a wave of memories to the time I realized the exact same thing for our daughter, Tessa. So encouraged to find a blog with balance of thankfulness to God for our precious children, while also acknowledging the pain of loss and grief.


  3. I just read your article in Autism Parenting. It was great. I totally get every single word you say. You have my shoulder. James is 6. I am a single parent of 4 kids. You can find me starting over at Coffeewithmsmiller.wordpress.com


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