Looking Back

It’s so easy in this life with autism to focus on everything Austin can’t do. The evaluations, IEP meetings and basically any paperwork I fill out regarding Austins development only emphasize that fact.

It’s good for me to take a step back now and then and remember just how far we’ve come and how much Austin has changed this year.

This blog post is a look back at all that Austin achieved in 2017.


Austin started learning how to point in June of 2016 when he started ABA therapy. His therapist had to take his finger, uncurl it, and help him point. It was a lengthy process that really paid off this year. Austin has really mastered the art of pointing (and constantly demanding what he wants 🙂

Potty Training:

Goodness I’m excited about this milestone. I can’t begin to tell you how much work went into this one, but I was determined that Austin would not be 4 or older and still in diapers. Hard work paid off as Austin is in underwear almost full time.

In the last few weeks he has actually said “peepee” a couple times to tell me he needs to go. This is HUGE and I’m thrilled about it.  (Now if we could get him to poop on the toilet as well that would be wonderful…but I’m keeping this post focused on positives! Haha.)


It started midway through the year when Austin tried to repeat the word cookie. He said “ie, ie” which doesn’t sound like much, but it was the first time he ever tried to repeat any word or noise. He is continuing to make progress with speech, and as he’s able to communicate more, we are getting glimpses of just how much he knows and understands. He is a very smart little boy 🙂


Austin’s behavior therapist today mentioned how well he’s able to sit and work during an hour and a half session and reminded me about the days that he would just run all over the place. He really has come such a long way with this.


My favorite of all of Austin’s improvements this year is his newfound attachment to his daddy. It was heartbreaking to me and devastating to Mike that Austin seemed oblivious to him and wanted nothing to do with him. More than once Mike would say to me “he doesn’t even know who I am”.

Imagine the joy we both felt recently when Mike came in the door and Austin just went crazy. He squealed and laughed and rocked really hard (lol) and was SO happy to see his daddy. They play all sorts of silly games together and Austin laughs so hard.


Austin’s also in the habit of grabbing his daddy’s hand and saying “keys?” Which means he wants to go sit with daddy in his police car. Of course his daddy loves to do this with him anytime he asks!

I’m excited to see where this next year takes Austin. Of course we hope for more progress and continued improvements, but I also hope we enjoy all the little things. Time passes so quickly and our baby is quickly becoming a big boy!

Maybe 2018 will be the year that Austin starts pooping IN the toilet…wouldn’t that be amazing! Haha. Happy New Year friends!

3 thoughts on “Looking Back

  1. I have always been thankful and love to watch the way Austin hugs and kisses on you 🙂 it thrills my heart. God knows our every need and He knew how important that would be for you. It did break my heart to see my son LONG for his son to run into his arms and be excited when he walked in the door. That has always been something dad misses about our kids being little. I am so grateful for the excitement , love and attention Austin now shows his daddy 🙂 He lights up and loves to play with daddy and I love to hear him cracking up laughing with him 🙂 that blesses my heart.

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