Its the little things…

Today is a good day! I slept 8 wonderful hours last night and it’s amazing what feeling refreshed does for my mindset 🙂

This morning Austin put his shoes on by himself when I asked him to! I sat down with him and he lifted his foot for me to put his socks on…then i gave him his shoes and asked him to put them on, and he was able to get the right one on with no help at all!

I’ve also noticed a rather sudden difference in Austin’s core strength as I mentioned before. His OT has been working specifically on that and it’s paying off. He can now hold himself upright on a regular “big boy” swing. He’s sturdy enough that I’ve been able to completely let go of him and very lightly push him into motion. He’s also sitting upright on the toilet which leads me to my most exciting news…

The best news is that yesterday evening Austin peed on the toilet for the very first time!!

I decided a couple of weeks ago to start having Austin sit on the toilet to get used to it. It’s something they will work on at school and I figured there will be enough new things to get used to without adding the toilet to that list. I briefly considered using a small potty for him, but decided against it. Austin is very much into routine and is a creature of habit. If I got him used to a small potty now then it would be another adjustment/process in the future to get him on the toilet.

So two weeks ago I got a potty seat for the toilet that has a step up attached. I just started sitting him on it a few times a day. As I thought, he was afraid of it, and cried every time we put him on. A few times he threw a fit. As the days passed though and I persisted with putting him on, he slowly began to adjust. He began sitting upright and not crying at all while sitting there, so after several days of this, I decided to push him to get some pee going! lol.

Yesterday was my first real attempt. At first I had him in underwear but he didn’t seem to care if he wet them, so we tossed those aside and went completely naked. Haha. This worked a lot better. He would stop and notice when he started to pee. Every time he started I would grab him and run to the toilet and tell him “pee goes in the toilet”. I kept the container of Clorox wipes handy all day; thankfully we don’t have any carpet in the house, or being naked would not be an option.

We did this ALL  DAY. I followed him around, skipped his nap, and didn’t take my eyes off him. My girls did their homework in the bathroom with Austin and I, lol.

I was getting a little disheartened and beyond tired yesterday evening, and then it happened. He started to go on the floor and I ran him to the potty. I turned the sink on like I always do, then noticed he had started dripping pee. I praised him and clapped and carried on and gave him a piece of candy. I think I got him off too soon because as soon as I did he started to go again. I put him right back on and this time he was able to get a stream going. 🙂

We’ve had a lot of success today. He has started dripping on the floor a couple times, but has gone in the toilet much more than on the floor.  He is going to need a lot of practice because it seems to be an effort for him to completely empty his bladder right now.

I have no clue what the next step will be, but for now, I’m thrilled. Austin is such a fast learner and I’m beyond impressed with how quickly he’s adjusted to potty training. I know we have a long way to go, but he will be starting with PECS (picture exchange communication system) when he starts school…I’m hoping this will help him communicate to me when he needs to go. I’m hoping with all this work and consistency between home and school that maybe, just maybe, by the end of the year we will be (mostly) diaper free! We will see!


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