Starting B-12

Its been a few weeks since I updated. We started Austin on the 2 new supplements and gave him the first dose of b-12 about 3 weeks ago. Unfortunately, we had to stop giving him the b-12 and have to wait and see before resuming it. The day after that first shot Austin was out of control. He had never been like that before! His fits were crazy and he was slamming his head all the time…something he had been doing much better with. I emailed back and forth with the doctor a few times, trying to figure out if it was the shot, maybe teething, or a combo of the two?

There’s no certain answer, but he has gradually calmed back down over this past week and I’m really hoping we can try the shots again soon. We’re seeing progress with speech/language and I want to keep that progress moving forward!

Austin has in the past randomly nodded his head. I never knew if it was intentional or not (though I certainly talked to him like it was) till lately. A lot of times if we address him he nods his head. Kind of like he’s saying “I know you’re talking to me I hear you”.

Sometimes if you ask him a question he will nod as well. It’s so cute! Last Sunday we arrived at church early and Austin’s class was empty. I took him with me into the auditorium which kind of stressed him out (though he handled it well) as it was not the normal routine.

When it was time for class my mother in law said to Austin “Are you ready to go to your class?” He nodded yes, grabbed her hand and pulled her right to the door of his classroom. What a smart little man 🙂

I  mentioned recently that we’d seen improvement in his receptive language and that is continuing. He will run and lay down on his rug if I tell him it’s time to change his diaper, and he runs to his bed (although he won’t stay there!) if I tell him it’s nap or bed time.

This past week Austin has made a lot of sounds and done more babbling. He’s saying something that sounds like “bo” or “no” I’m not sure what it is. I think it might be “go” as he does it a lot when he’s being pushed around in his big truck. It is exciting, but after many “good” weeks of babbling followed by weeks of total silence, I’m kind of guarded about getting my hopes up that he will suddenly start talking.

Another thing we’ve seen HUGE improvement in is appropriate play. Gone are the days of flipping blinds and light switches, Austin is currently obsessed with cars!! I can’t begin to explain how much I love seeing him run around the house pushing his big ‘ol Tonka truck. Or how cute it is when he pushes his little race cars around the top part of his bed. He will also push cars back and forth with someone else. He doesn’t do it too many times in a row, but he is doing it.

Austin also enjoys making huge messes….dumping out his dresser drawers during nap, taking make up out of my bathroom and leaving it everywhere, and putting random bits of everything he finds into his dump truck. I feel like all I do is pick up after him all day, but what mom of a 2 year old doesn’t feel that way? I’ll take it 🙂

Another good (and super cute thing) Austin is doing is babbling when he sees himself in the mirror. He smiles and gets excited to see his adorable self, then makes happy sounds and babbles.

For some reason the last week has been rough for Austin as far as sleep. He had been doing really well so hopefully this won’t last too long…I’m exhausted! Haha.

Hopefully I will have a new (and successful) update on b-12 shots in the next week or two!






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