Seeing Progress!

I would have expected after Austin’s recent fall and head injury that maybe he would have a rough week or two. I certainly didn’t expect him to make big improvements, but he’s been doing well! 

 This week is one of the most overwhelming and exhausting weeks we’ve had in a while. In 4 days Austin had 9 appointments. His 5 regular therapies, plus 2 follow up appointments with the neurologist and neurosurgeon, a follow up CT scan, and another meeting to make sure that I’m not abusing him… ugh.

In spite of the crazy week though, I am feeling so optimistic and encouraged with what we’re seeing in Austin.

Overall he just seems so much more aware. More engaged, more in tune with what’s going on around him. He’s more interested in other people, especially his sisters! Our girls were on spring break last week, and if the girls were watching TV, Austin was right there with them watching. He climbed up next to his biggest sister one morning and sat with her for a good amount of time. Another day I found him standing behind her playing with her hair.

His eye contact has continued to improve; he is smiling and making direct eye contact frequently with family. One of the most exciting things is that if we say “yay!” Austin will start clapping. It’s so cute, and it motivates him to do things. He loves for us to clap for him!

He also is suddenly into watching TV. The fact that he has the attention span to watch a show is a big improvement, and gives me a chance to make dinner or unload the dishwasher. He has been bringing me the remote control when he wants to watch a show, and I think that’s great in itself!

Austin’s favorite show is Frozen, especially the opening scene where they’re cutting ice. He also likes Mickey Mouse Clubhouse; he was belly laughing at an episode that had sheep saying “baaaa” yesterday.

 Of course there’s no way to know what is causing the improvements we’re seeing. Maybe the supplements are helping, maybe the therapy is starting to pay off, maybe it’s because he’s getting older. Most likely a combination of all 3, but it doesn’t matter to me either way. I love what I’m seeing in Austin right now, and I’m thankful that there wasn’t any permanent harm done from his fall.

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