When it Rains

Tonight as I type, my last baby is sleeping in a big boy bed. Tomorrow we will disassemble the crib, and for the first time in 8 years, there will be no crib in our house.

I’m not normally too sentimental, but this is a bittersweet milestone. I love that crib and all the sweet memories of setting up nurseries in anticipation of a new baby; as well as all the nights I would slip in to watch those babies sleeping. Somehow, in the blink of an eye, that’s all behind us!  So yes, it is sad in a way, but it’s exciting as well. We have 3 beautiful children and our hands and hearts are more than full 🙂


Part of the reason for the bed change is because Austin is a climber and has gotten his leg up on the highest part of his crib several times recently. I kept delaying the change because it’s easier to have him confined, but we had an accident last week that made it clear that the time to move him is now.


I still can’t believe all of this happened with everything else we have going on. I am trying to keep a sense of humor, but I would be lying if I said it hasn’t added more stress and emotion to an already difficult time.


Friday at lunch Austin was sitting in his booster seat (that is attached to a dining room chair) as usual. My mother in law and I were nearby in the kitchen when we heard a crash. He had somehow managed to tip the entire chair, booster and all, over backward. These are counter height chairs and we have tile floor.  I kept telling myself Austin was fine, but a few hours later, when I noticed some dried blood coming out of one of his nostrils, I was very concerned. He was acting normally though so I decided to just keep an eye on him.

Mike came home later that evening and because Austin was getting very fussy (and had just poured a pitcher of sweet tea all over the floor!!) he decided to give him a bath and get him ready for bed. While doing this he called for me concerned that Austin was acting strangely.  He wouldn’t put his head down while Mike changed him; he kept holding it up off the changing pad.


I drove Austin to urgent care leaving dinner on the stove, dishes all over the table, and a huge sticky mess where Austin had poured the sweet tea. On the drive there I was thinking Mike was over reacting and that Austin seemed fine…until I realized he was crying silently in his car seat. 


My mother in law and I were at urgent care for about 20 minutes when Austin suddenly vomited. They intstructed us to take him to the ER which we did immediately.

He fell asleep in the hospital waiting room, and was doing well in the triage waiting for a CT scan, when he suddenly began vomiting again. This time it continued for a while though. I was covered in puke and it just kept coming.

They hurried him back for a CT scan, and just a few minutes after the scan the doctor came out to let us know that Austin had fractured his skull and that there was bleeding. They needed to transfer him to a different hospital with a trauma unit for observation.

Austin and I went together in the ambulance to the hospital with a Trauma ICU. They confirmed the fracture, and ordered a repeat CT scan for the next morning to check the bleed.

 After a long, sleepless night for both of us, Austin had his scan the next morning. Thankfully they didn’t find any sign of a bleed, and we were told the fracture would heal on its own. We remained in the hospital and saw several doctor’s before finally being released later that evening.

  I am so thankful that Austin has been back to normal this week. We’ve enjoyed several play dates at the park thanks to the girls being on spring break, and he has had good sessions at therapy. He even started clapping with us when we say “yay!” and clap for him!

 Because of the nature of Austin’s injury we’ve had to deal with a lot of extra stress. It’s routine with these types of head injuries to make sure that there is no abuse or neglect going on in the home. So this coming week, in addition to Austin’s usual therapies, as well as his follow up CT scan and appointments with the neurologist and neurosurgeon, I have to go to yet another appointment to make sure that I’m a fit parent. This comes after already interviewing me, my husband, our parents, and our girls. They’ve also been to my home, and we gave statements to a detective. It is all routine they’ve assured us, but it has certainly added more stress to our plates.


At the end of the day though, all that matters is that Austin is ok. He was a little stressed tonight with transitioning to a new bed, and I ended up sitting next to him. While sitting there in the dark, he reached for my hand and held on tightly to my fingers for a long time. Austin can’t tell me he loves me. He doesn’t walk up to me and hug me. But tonight, he told me in his own way that he does love me, and that he needs me. It was one of the sweetest moments with my little guy and I want to remember it forever.

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