Embracing this life

We are about 2 weeks past our appointment with Austin’s autism doctor and I wanted to update how things are going. 

It was an ordeal, but thankfully all the lab work and stool/urine samples are complete and have been mailed off. We were told that the supplements he was taking would help him go to the bathroom more regularly and make getting samples easier. Yeah, that didn’t happen. He has been going less frequently than before. So getting the stool samples with enough time between, but not TOO much time between was frustrating and stressful.

The urine collection wasn’t any easier. “Just slip the bag on him an hour before he wakes up in the morning” they said. Well, of course the pee never quite made it in the bag despite my best efforts and 2 nights of much interrupted sleep trying to get that first morning pee!! I might’ve had to fudge a little bit and it might not all have been the very first pee of the day, but it’s done and gone. Hooray!


You would think that the blood work would be the most challenging part of all these tests, but it was actually the easiest. Rather than take Austin to 2 different labs, the doctor gave us a card for a lady who runs a traveling phlebotomy service. She came to the house, and within 5 minutes had all she needed. Of course he cried, but it seemed more that he was angry at being held down than any pain from the needle. The lady who took his blood offered to drop off the other samples when she mailed the blood work and I was so thankful!!

 Every morning Austin takes his supplements in a cup of juice. Hhe has been unusually thirsty lately (Maybe a side effect of the supplements?) and hasn’t been spitting too much.

He takes magnesium, a probiotic and glutathione. The glutathione is supposed to increase energy and may cause temporary sleep disruption, as well as rashes. We are up to ½ tsp. of the glutathione this week and as of now, not noticing any increase in energy; or any disruption in sleep, thankfully. He’s actually seemed more tired than usual to me, and has been sleeping unusually well. He does have a rash on his back, hopefully it won’t get any worse.  

The best thing we’ve seen in the last couple weeks is further improvement in Austin’s eye contact. He has looked right at me and smiled several times. I love those moments of connecting with him.


Im trying to find a balance on this blog of being honest about our struggles, but also staying positive, and finding the good in these times. I came across this quote today, and it has stayed on my mind all day.

 Occasionally weep deeply over the life you hoped would be. Grieve the losses. Then wash your face. Trust God. And embrace the life you have.” -John Piper

It speaks perfectly to where I am at right now. We have good days and bad; days when I see what other kids Austin’s age are doing and feel the ache in the pit of my stomach. There are days when I realize the hopes and dreams we had for Austin may never come to pass; days when fear and anxiety overwhelm me.  Days when I feel like I can’t possibly be everything my children need me to be.

There are good days as well; days when I can rest knowing that Austin’s life is in God’s hands. Days when his big, cheesy smile lights up his face and melts my heart.  Days I know I wouldn’t change a thing about this beautiful baby boy.


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