Finding the Humor

I realized after I published the blog about the behaviors we’re seeing in Austin that I left off probably the most interesting thing he does. It has made me laugh and driven me crazy all at the same time. I was going to go back and add it to that previous post, but then decided this “stim” is worthy of a blog post all its own 🙂

In order to understand this behavior, I have to explain that Austin has been obsessed with water for a very long time. He is particularly obsessed with dripping water. From as far back as I can remember, he has loved playing in his water table and watching the water drip off his toys. It’s the same in the bathtub.

A few months ago, my oh so smart little man realized that if he spit his drink out then voila! He could see dripping water anytime he liked!

He has perfected a couple different techniques. Sometimes he slowly lets it dribble out. Sometimes he shoots the water out of his mouth much like a whale shooting water out of it’s blowhole.

We have not been able to out smart this little booger either. His slp had us try thickening his drink. Nope. He just refused to drink at all, and he eventually tried spitting applesauce and yogurt anyway.

Next, we tried holding a paper towel under his mouth while he drank so he wouldn’t be able to see his water dripping. We thought this worked at first…no spitting. However, as soon as we moved the paper towel, the water began to flow! Haha. He holds the liquid in his mouth for as long as it takes us to move the paper towel.

The one thing that has helped is giving in and giving Austin juice. I liked the fact that he drank only milk and water, but we reached the point where he wasn’t drinking enough. He loves juice of course, so if he has been spitting his milk and water too much we can usually get him to swallow some juice. This is important now especially because we need Austin to swallow the supplements and probiotics we put in his drink every morning. I also started holding him in front of the sink when he drinks to avoid constantly sticky  floors! 🙂

One thing I’m really thankful for is that during the last few very stressful months, Mike and I have kept our sense of humor and been able to laugh. He hasn’t done it in awhile, but Austin used to stare up at the corners of our ceiling and crack up laughing. We would always say “his friends must be coming out to play”. And sometimes we get carried away by imagining what his “friends” might be saying 🙂

Not taking everything too seriously really helps us to keep perspective and enjoy our little guy; his silly quirks and all.

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